What do you think the biggest social media channel of 2016 is? Hint, it’s not facebook

Its facebook messenger.

It might sound confusing, but the primary mode of interaction and discovery of content for people is actually messaging channels including facebook messenger & whatsapp.

So it would make sense that even your company is on messenger right?

Wait what?! My company on messenger? What does that mean? Doesn’t messaging happen between friends and is highly personalized? How do I chat with ALL of my users? etc etc.

Worry not, Gruppo is here to help you decode the messaging channel.

Why Messaging?

Convinced but wondering how can your business use bots? Check out the examples below or check out what we have done so far. After that talk to us and we will build it 🙂

Hi Startups!

Gruppo has its roots in this utility bot that helps startup folks access high quality news and resources and get them delivered to their messenger everyday. We are looking at making it the only startup resource you will ever need. Click on the messenger button to check it out

Entertainment - Hi Cats

Internet is all about cats, so this new channel of communication obviously has to have them 🙂 Click on the messenger button and go on a roll. Meow!


Go Heritage Run ( is trying to make heritage fun by organizing runs in various heritage sites across the country. We made a conversational FAQ for them. No more boring overload of information. Its on a need to know basis 🙂 Click on the messenger button to to check it out


Gruppo is proud to be working with The Better India and helping it bring social change one story at a time. Our advanced notification feature makes sure that the readers of The Better India do not miss out on important stories


Just like The Better India, a whole bunch of publishers are working with us to to engage with their readers who are overwhelmed with information. Your users can subscribe to a visually appealing RSS feed to be delivered to their messenger daily, at times of your choice!

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Why Gruppo?

Gruppo has one of the best bot building capabilities in the world. Not just because of our framework but also because

Our team would brainstorm with you and figure out how to leverage this new and exciting channel of messaging.

We would go ahead and actually make sure the channel is viable for you through iterations

In any case, our framework’s capabilities are

  • Highly customizable so we can build any kind of bots with an incredibly fast turnaround time
  • Advanced natural language understanding
  • “Stateful bots” which can carry out multi layered conversations
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